Security Policy

“İ” website is protected by Comodo 2048 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate in order to all information privacy and online payment security. And the need to ensure the secure flow of information in electronic form is an industry-standard systems with 2048-bit SSL certificate, online credit card information that you entered when making a payment, regardless of encrypted on our website, provision will be forwarded to the bank as a secure virtual POS system. In addition, the SSL certificate is separating from fake version of websites and it’s an evidence of that you are on the right website. You can analyse SSL certficate by double clicking the lock button underneath the page that you have entered your credit card information and has turned into http to https. In order to get further information about SSL certificate, you can visit and analyze or websites.

Except the websites which has protected with SSL certificated, do not enter your credit card information on any kind of communication shapes (e-mails, fast texting services, customer relation forms etc.)

Credit card information has been stealing in daily base usage opposite to the stereotype belief of online usage. Please do not forget, all the necessary information writes on your credit card.