Term & Condition

istanbulgastronomyfestival.com is publishing by All Cooks Federation of Turkey (TAF)

The competition which is organizing every year by TAF, has many different categories and these categories charge differently. After a person apply for a category, applications will be analyzing by Istanbul Gastronomy Festival Committe. The reply of a person’s application, will be send to their email address as either approved or denied and you can check your application on to the “Online application status”. A person whose application has approved, must make a payment in 3 days after he/she got his aproval mail. Otherwise his application will be cancelled. If application is approved, you must enter your credit card information on to the payment page and make a payment for the category that you have chosen. Please bring your ID/Passport and prinout your application aproval that has been sent to you after you made a payment.

If the proof has been provided about a valid excuse (birth, death or accident etc.), refund of money may have been acceptable until 1st of March 2012. After 1st of March 2012, cancellation or refund requests will not be accepted. That’s why before you make a payment for the category that you have applied, please check online application status carefully.

Please read “Terms & Condition” and “Security Policy”(Information) part very carefully and if in case you may see something you may not like or accept, please do not use the website. Using the website means that you have read, understand and accept this information. TAF has the right of making a change whenever they wish and whatever they like.

istanbulgastronomyfestival.com website during the membership process, system needs some personal informations. These information has been requested in order to give an effective and quality service, communication, marketing action, and be able to share an updated or changed information to the user and/or member of the website. For any questions about istanbulgastronomyfestival.com website, you can contact us from “Information Request Form”.