About Istanbul

Istanbul is a famous and an important metropolitan city which was in the center of the oldest world with it’s historical monuments and natural views.  It is the only city which were established on two continents where Asia and Europe were separated with a narrow strait ‘’The Bosphorus’’. Historically, Istanbul  was probably inhabited by people as early as 2500 years ago where  the sea and the continents come together strategically so that it has become an important trade center. The historic city of Istanbul was located on the peninsula which is surrounded by The Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. The city bears the characteristic of being capital city of three Great Empires like Romans, Byzantiums and Ottomans more than 1600 years with more than 120 emperors and sultans. This is the only city in this charecteristics. The city walls of the old city was widened 4 times to the west during the development period. The old city is still surrounded by walls from Roman times in the 5th century. Istanbul  was established on seven hills with masterpieces of Turkish art  decoration for Sultan’s mosques  as they were perched like ‘’crowns’’.The city’s silhouette  has magnificent and  severe views from all directions. The  Golden Horn which was a natural harbour played an important role in the development of the city. The geografic location which is in the center of the world is a chance of Istanbul with it’s features such astaking place at the crossroads of main roads where they reaches the sea, easily defended peninsula, an ideal climate, rich and generous nature,and the control of the strategic Bosphorus.

Istanbul City Guide