Team Display

Sınıf TB1 - Team Cold Buffet Senior – Not Tasted

Open to individual teams, access being limited (8 teams only). Preference will be given to National Teams if over subscribed. Teams to consist of six (6) persons, four (4) chefs, one (1) pastry chef, plus one (1) junior chef. Maximum area of display ‘183 cm X 254 cm’. The buffet to be in three (3) sections, and must include the following: Section 1: • A selection of four (4) finger foods for four (4) persons, (sixteen (16) pieces), intended hot, served cold. • One (1) Cold Buffet Platter of Fish, for six (6) persons. Section 2: • One (1) Cold Buffet Platter of Meats for six (6) persons. • One (1) Vegetarian Restaurant Platter, intended hot, served cold, for two (2) persons. • Four (4) Different Individual Plated Main Course Plates. Section 3: • One (1) Banqueting Dessert Platter for six (6) persons. • Four (4) Different Plated Restaurant Desserts. • Four (4) Types of Petit-Fours for four (4) covers, (16 pieces). The display may follow a theme if desired; it must be able to be viewed from all sides. Table enhancements are allowed, but note, elaborate centre-pieces or decoration do not increase Judges’ marks. Teams to be advised of their entry, you may request preference day on your entry application. Buffets will be displayed for one (1) day only. Entry fee 50 Euros plus 50 Euros deposit, per team. Note 1: 50 Euros deposit fee will be returnable on presentation of the buffet. Note 2: Awards will be given to the team for each section.

Cost : 60 €